PHP editing

I just got WebStorn 1.0 running and downloaded my site from it. How can I edit my .php pages? I don't see a specific file type for .php files. I get the option to open using one of webStorms pre defined file type editors OR use the current editor thats associated with .php files.

Its a nice IDE, just would like to know how I can edit all types of files on my site. I have tried creating new files aswell, but it seems only HTML files are available from what I need. There is no PHP file that I could create.

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Basically it you need to use PHP you've got to use PhpStorm.

If you are not actually changing anyting in PHP code and just need to edit some html/js/css in .php files - we'll add PHP *highlighter only* into next build of WebStorm.

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Rly-rly need this feature!
Which version it'll be available?

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Are you serious? You know someone who use different IDE's for JS and PHP? Just testing the trial, but this is a big big reason to leave this jetbrains stuff.

BRACKETS, SUBLIME, ATOM,... all free. and you guys really want that I buy another extension for php highlighting? damn this sucks!


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