How to enable uploading files without overwriting files that have been edited

I work for a small company with only one other developer other than myself. We have a source control system setup, but we don't use it for this one particular project. I ended up overwriting some files that the other developer had edited right before a big presentation and they had to call the other developer a few minutes before the presentation to upload the files he had changed. We also lost the changes that I made as a result.

I've tried several times to get PHPStorm to not overwrite files on the server if the files on the server are newer than when I first downloaded them. I've tried changing the settings under Deployment > Options. Currently, "Overwrite up to date files" is not checked, and "Preserve files timestamps" is checked and I'm still seeing this behavior. Do I need to download the files again after I check "Preserve files timestamps"?

Thank you for your help!

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Hello David,

Looks like you're talking about the following feature: Unfortunately, it's not done yet, please watch/vote to be notified when it is. It's on the roadmap for version 2.0.

What for 'overwrite up-to-date files' option, it's only about skipping the files that have the same size and timestamp, so that making transfer faster. Currently, if the timestamps are different, file will be overwritten on upload/download, no matter which file (local vs remote) is newer.



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