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how do I load a project which is not shown in recent project? the manual tells me to open the directory which contains the project. But which directory?

I have a directory project which contains a conf, htdocs, logs etc directory.
When creating the project I used "project" as directory but later I have only seen the files in project/htdocs.

Now when loading project or project/htdocs I can't run or debug any file because something is not mapped .....


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Hello Jerry,

PhpStorm allows you to open any directory - it will create '.idea' subdirectory there to hold the project settings, so that if you open it later, all the settings (including mappings) should be restored.

If you want to exclude some parts of your project from indexing and hide from Project view (e.g. 'logs' subdirectory), mark them as excluded at File | Settings| Directories pane.



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