can't run webide after jdk update

Hi. I'm just update JDK to 6u21. Now I can't run PhpStorm.
He is crashed with message:
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0-b16, mixed mode)
YourKit Java Profiler 8.0.22 cannot start: latest Java 7 builds cannot be profiled anymore with this version of the profiler. To profile with Java 7, use YourKit Java Profiler 9.0 -

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Hello Dmitry,

Try disabling profiling agent. You can't take the performance and memory snapshots, but you can use all the rest application features.

Open <IDEA>\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions file (Windows) or <IDEA>/bin/idea.vmoptions (Linux) with text editor.
Remove the line:


Try to start PhpStorm.


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Thanks for reply, Kirill.
I don't see file <IDEA>/bin/idea.vmoptions maybe <IDEA>/bin/webide.vmoptions? but this line (-agentlib...) is not there.

/opt/phpstorm/bin/$ cat webide.vmoptions






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Linux builds pass this option in different way because of need to load proper version. Look for it inside bin/*.sh and remove entire -agentlib=.... parameter.
Alternatively you can download YourKit 9 and get proper .so from it.

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It works. Thanks,  Alexey.


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