Integrating SVN repository into current remote server project: Best Practice

Just started using Storm after years of Eclipse, Zend, and NetBeans.. Um, lovin it!!

Quick question on best practice.  Have a demo prototype I was working on and didn't care to work off subversion since I figured on tossing it away.  Decided to keep working on it and get some revision control in the mix. I'm using and have already setup a repository with my local files that are mirrored on their server.

Currently for my project, I have it setup via SFTP to my remote server.  Editing files does immeadiate sync to remote, no issues.  What I'd like to do is delete all my local files (without a phpStorm autosync to remote server), do a checkout from from my svn server to my local project directory, then have phpStorm sync with the remote server.  Any ideas on best way to do it without affecting my remote files, other than a sync?

Goal is to be able to check out locally.. Work, have immeadiate syncing with remote.. Then check in when done.


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Hello Jim,

I'd suggest you simply make a fresh SVN checkout into another local folder (main menu: Version Control | Checkout from Version Control | SVN), then mark your existing SFTP server as default one and specify deployment mappings (main menu: File | Settings | Deployment). Then you probably need to upload all the files one time (invoke Upload command on a root node in Project view). You can try to save some time by unchecking 'Overwrite up-to-date' files at Deployment | Options pane, so that PhpStorm will skip file upload if it has the same size and timestamp as the remote one.

Does this make sense, or you're looking for something different?



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