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In the IDE I'm swapping from I can block comment out mixed html/php code by selecting the code and pressing Ctrl+/
I noticed when installing 95.273 this feature had improved a lot :) awesome. It picked up the mixed code and commented where appropriate.

However I was wondering if the start and end of the selected block were html or php, it could use that languages start/end comment tag. Poor explanation sorry. 2 examples below:

Example 1:

Select this code and press Ctrl+/

<div> <?php echo 'foo'; ?> </div>

You get this:

<!--<div>--><?php //echo 'foo';?><!--</div>-->

Could there be an option so we just get this code:

<!-- <div> <?php echo 'foo'; ?> </div> -->

Example 2:

Select this code and press Ctrl+/

echo 'foo';
?> <strong>moo</strong> <?php
echo 'bar';

You get this:

//echo 'foo';
//?><!-- <strong>moo</strong> --><?php
////echo 'bar';

Should it be:

/* echo 'foo';
?> <strong>moo</strong> <?php
echo 'bar'; */

Is this possible?

Thank you.



We're working on commenter improvements, should be better in the next version.
Sorry I can't say for this specific case, please feel free to submit a bug report at



There is no such option, please file YourTrack ticket for that.
Btw, I assume you tried Control + Shift + / for block comments.


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