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I would like to have the Structure panel docked on the Project panel so that I can tab between them. Right now, they seem to only sit on top of each other, stacked. So, right now, I can see them both at the same time but only half of each window. I would actually like them to be the full height of the screen and be able to select either one by the tab at the top or bottom of the panel.

Can you kindly tell me how this can be achieved.

Many thank.

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Its not exactly what your after, but you could click on the 'undock' icon for the project and the structrue.

Then use the keyboard shortcuts to open them.

clicking on alt+1 opens the project then clicking on alt+7 opens the structure over the top of the project.  (cant remember if alt+7 was assigned by default to the structure pane or I assigned it through the settings though.)

This will give you full height structure and project views which you can switch between.

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Hi and thanks for replying.

Pinned/Docked mode(s) with "Move to" left/right/top seems to do the trick. It doesn't give you tabs but it does give you "buttons" alonf the axis you specify so more or less the same thing. So, with your suggestion too, there seems to be more than one way to "skin the cat".

Thanks again for your advice :)


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