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I founf the link to WebStorm in a thread about Eclipse RSE. Eclipse is bloated and slow. RSE promised to speed up Eclipse with local working, but it is hard to set it up and even harder to synchronise easily.

Then I tried WebStorm. Eclipse is destined for the trash (except for CF!)

Brilliant. Far better than my programming ability. Syncronisation is automatic if you so choose. Searches for site wide lost variable names which takes 10s of minutes in Eclipse take mere seconds. I will buy this program for certain.

Extra features?

1. Save As. I cant find it and its an easy way to craft one clas from another.

2. Staging and live server sync. Yes I know you can upload to a differenc server but having staging and GO LIVE! setup would be neat.

3. Coldfusion ????!!! Please.

Best Wishes


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save as I think is coming as a few people have requested it.  It was one of the first things i missed when I moved from eclipse.  Its replacement is to be on the class/file you want to 'save as' and use the keyboard shortcut shift+F5


The GO LIVE can be done by setting up 2 servers.  set the developent server as the default server and turn on auto upload for that one while developing.  Then once your done and want to GO LIVE commit the changes to your local Git repo.  there is an option for "after commit upload to.... " and you can set this to the live server.


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