Project background color selection

Just purchased JB and love it.

Is there a way to set the default PROJECT background color?  I have a nice, soft background color for the workspace, but the PROJECT panel remaind glaringly white on my big monitor.  I know I can close it, but I like it open.  Sorry if this is a feature that I missed.



Unfortunately toolwindow backrounds are controlled only by OS look-and-feel. What's your OS and what's chosen in Settings|Appearance|Look and feel?


Thank you, Alexey --

My Look and Feel was set on Alloy.  I'm glad you mentioned this section.  I did some experimenting, and the CDE/Motif is the only L&F theme that colors-down the PROJECT pane.  I'm going to use that theme awhile and see if I get used to it.

How are the L&F themes developed?  Do you do this in-house?



Nope, we do not develop or support 3rd party L&Fs.
You should use LnF native to your OS (BTW you forgot to respond to my fest question) and it will pick up OS background automatically.
There's no way to change it separately now. Please file a feature request for "customizable toolwindow background colors" to


Oops, sorry.  My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, with Aero turned off.



Ok. Don't forget to file a feature request!


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