link 'tasks' to git 'branches' so its easy switch between them

I have been reading "A successful git branching model" (  which advocates using a feature branch of git for each feature that you develop.

This seams to be the a similar model to the PhpStorm 'Tasks' operation in the menu bar.

The other day i had 2 tasks open (working in my 'development' branch of git) and was switching between them.  when i opened a TASK #1 and altered a file (somefile.php) then changed tasks and alterd the same file (somefile.php) while in TASK #2  I got a conflict warning of  "File from non-active changelist is modified" 'move changes' 'switch changelists' 'ignore'

making it so that i can only work on a single file (somefile.php) in one task at a time.

I was wondering if instead of chaging tasks in the same git branch that if when i changed tasks that it would also mean changing branches that this conflict could be avoided.

is it possible to have a task-like dropdown for the git branches?  or to associate a task with a git feature branch?

Looking for a nice workflow.  Thanks.

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1) Task switch between IDE changelists only now.
2) IDE "Changelists" are source control system (SCS) independend concept. They do use SCS's built-in changelists IF the SCS has one. (Git does not!)
3) Branches are completely different concept.
4) More robust branch switching UI (and advanced distributed SCS log/history views) is in active development stage and will be present in next version of our platform, so we expect that 1.x builds of *Storm IDEs will get it.
5) The Tasks plugin developers will post their comments on plans of association tasks with branches.

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awesome, sounds really exciting.  

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Hi Alexey,

thanks for the heads up on the newly created issue.  Thanks for talking to the Tasks plugin developers so this issue/feature continues to live.

There are things im looking forward to seeing in the IDE, but already it is excellent.



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