Does making a deployment path default set it as default just for the specified project?

I would assume that since it is in the per-project settings, my assumption would be correct. Also, a related question. Let's say I have a local copy of a site and a remote copy. I do have to set them up as two different servers for deployment correct?



rignt and right.

From what i've figured out so far, If i have 2 versions of a site, one for development then one for production, I need 2 depoyment paths.  while working on the development project I set it to default and turn on the automatic uploads.  Then it feels like im writing live in real time to the server.

Everthing i change while working on that development branch is stored in a change list of files and when im read i can click on the changes and choose upload to server and select the other deployment path.  (or even better still is to commit that change list to GIT and on the commit panel is an option for upload to server which i set to the production.)

All the settings are rememberd when switching between projects.


Hello Patrick,

What I can do is just confirm Michael's answers :D.

Thanks, Michael!

BTW Per-project and application-wide settings are grouped in File | Settings dialog:


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