Does WebStorm support Dreamweaver templates?

Greetings - I am a mega-fan of IntelliJ IDE.  I don't know how I would do my job without it.  Recently I became aware of your WebStorm product.  I used to use Dreamweaver to do all of my personal website work.  I use DreamWeaver Templates extensively to promote code reuse and make quick changes on look/feel across pages.  Then I switched to MS Expression Web which had much better CSS functionality and still supported DreamWeaver Templates.  But MS EW is lacking in many areas.

Question: Does WebStorm support html code that includes DreamWeaver templates?  I.e. so if you have an HTML page that is derived from a DreamWeaver template page those areas of the HTML page that comprise the template code itself are not editable?  These templates are a HUGE time-saver.

Alternatively, do either your "File Templates" or "Live Templates" accomplish the same thing?

Thanks in advance, Mark


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