Changelog for the EAP Build...

Where can I find a list of what's changed in the EAP builds?

I have a few items that I'm watching and I'd like to know which build I should be looking for a fix.

In YouTrack it just says next EAP build.  But it would be nice to have a condensed list I can refer too.

So if you can point me to that changelog list I would GREATLY appreciate it.


EACH published build is announced on official blog @ and has link to its detailed changelist.


Thank you for the response!  I was looking for it on the download page.  I expected it to be beside the download link so I could easily check to see if I wanted to download a new version.


I would like to see link to changelog on download page too. I have bookmark for EAP download page. Currently I should go to the blog and look for changelog link - isn't very convinient.


The main idea is that you READ blog post first before downloading anything. Won't fix.


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