Using YUI with PHPStorm


I downloaded WebStorm after reading about it, and found some good things. But it didn't recognize that I'm using YUI, and it didn't have the PHP support I need. So I'll download and buy PHPStorm shortly, providing the YUI issue is resolved.

I'm loading YUI from the Yahoo CDN. This means that it's nowehere in the project, and never will be. Is there a way to make this work anyway, so that I can get code completion and such?


You need to create additional content root and put debug YUI source under it.


And that content root can be only local, not synced to the server? If not, it's out

Unless it's absolutely clear how to do that when I install the program, I'd appreciate a little more explanation


Sure. Sync mappings are set up separately for each root.
You can put it to source control to share project settings between several developers, but you don't need to upload it to web server. The IDE just need a source code copy to know what it's working with.


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