Basic Mercurial Integration Questions

Ok, call me dense but I can't for the life of me figure out how to push a Mercurial reository from inside PhpStorm.  I can commit changes to my local copy but can't find out how to do a "hg push".

And while I'm at it, "Update Project" which I assume does a "hg up" is giving me an error.  "Error: Cannot update with applied MQ patches, please use rebase."

Thanks in advance!


Its a pity, but I'm unable to offer you any help now since mercurial support is still provided by third-party plugin and I'm not familiar both with hg and the plugin.
Please contact plugin authors, see pluing page for their info
In the meantime I'll try to contact the team that is adopting this plugin into our main codebase now.



It's a known issue of the hg4idea plugin. I'll put a note to fix it while integrating Mercurial to IDEA.

A workaround proposed by the plugin author is:

Hope this helps.


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