How to prioritize files while looking up for parent classes?

I'm a symfony-developer and I've got a problem while using PhpStorm.

When a page from a symfony project is loaded in browser, symfony creates a core-compile file in cache directory where it bundles all the needed classes. This bundle is then included into project. The problem is that the very same classes are present in the symfony lib directory which is included as external in my project. So the IDE sees all of these classes twice and can't resolve which of them to take. As a result it can't resolve functions from parent classes in the classes that extend them.

What can be done here? Can I somehow say to IDE that it should look into cache directory first and then to external library?


You should exclude any caches from project tree at Settings|Directories.


Can't do that. Sometimes i do need to see that directories. It would be a last resort decision though...

And anyway, there are a lot of classes in external directory that are overridden (not extended) in the project. Is there any way to tell the IDE to look into the external library only when it can't find a class in project?


Nope. We have a ticket requesting support of Symphony-specific features watch it to track progress.
It will be great if you're add the details about its specific project layout and style.


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