How do I debug into "curl-like" calls?

I have a problem where I can't debug into a "curl-like" call, such as "file_get_contents()"  I have a breakpoint on the file it's calling and the break point never gets hit.  I'm positive it's using this code.

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could it be because the page that it is calling is not appearing in the address bar with the XDEBUG_SESSION_START=PhpStorm extension so its not starting a debug session?

if this is the case you could change the php.ini from


to start an xdebug session automatically for all files.  (or use the xdebug addon for firefox but i havent managed to get that working yet.)

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xdebug.remote_autostart=1 is set in the .htaccess file, so that's not part of the equation.  But hopefully you're on to something and the JetBrains folks will know the problem or a work-around.


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