How do I close a task?

os: kubuntu 10.04 64bit
IDE: WI-95.150

in the toolbar there is a dropdown arrow on the far right.  clicking on the arrow opens a menu "Switch to task" and there is an option "Open Task".

After playing around with this for a while to see what it does i have come to the conclusion that it stores the state of the workspace to quickly switch between tasks that you are doing.  This is neat.

The issue im stuck with is once i have finished with a task, how do i close that task?

* Open new task, call it "adjust css for page X"
* open style.css file
* open files for page x
* get email saying "change this on page y"
* open a new task, call it "chages for page y"
* open page y
* make the changes to page y
* change the task back to "adjust css for page X"

This works great if i have many tasks to do.  but once i finish making the changes to page y or finish the adjustments to page x  i cant see how to close those tasks.

if i go to TOOLS->TASK there are the options for "open" or "switch" but no "close"


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In the task list, press right arrow. You will see the option.

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Thanks Dimitry

That was it exactly.  I didnt click on the arrow.  I thought it was the same button.  Clicking on the right arrow works too to bring up the extra menu.

Thanks for the help.


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