Remote Syncing

A colleague of mine uses Aptana which allows him to perform a "Smart sync" with an FTP server.

I like being able to perform a diff on a file with the deployed versions but can we compare a folder/project to get a list of different files then view diffs from there and select ones to upload?

That would be awesome.


Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet implemented. Please watch



one thing i noticed today was that if i have a file in the project set to upload to the remote server on save then go to the remote server and edit it  then come back to the IDE and edit the same file, on save in the IDE the file is uploaded over top of the one on the server that has been changed.

I was expecting to see a warning to let me know that it has changed so that i would know to compare it.  Is this the same functionality as is being asked for in the ticket linked to?



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