Data sources pane bug, find in path glitch


I've noticed several additional glitches/bugs:
1) I've downloaded mysql-connector-java-5.1.12-bin.jar for Data sources pane to add MySQL data source, I've set up everything OK, but when I try to save this new data source or try to test the connection phpStorm throws this error: java.RMI.UnmarshalException .... more than 25 lines . Using DBNavigator plugin and using the same JAR file for connectivity everything works like a charm...

2) When calling "Find in path" feature in project I've spottet that default File mask is "*.java", well it's a tiny minor glitch, but... it's phpStorm, not javaStorm . The same may be with "Replace in path".



Please send bug reports directly to tracker @  Bug with java.RMI.UnmarshalException already reported.


BTW, just published build 95.117 got Database plugin fixed.


Wow nice, me going to download latest build . Thank you all for your hard but juiceful work .


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