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I am running PhpStorm on Windows, but use a remote Server for Testing. So far everything works fine (better as with any other IDE i have used). Modified files are uploaded automatically and i can run tools on the server including them as external tools.

There is one thing i couldn`t get to work right now:
One of the tools is Php Code Sniffer to check the files for code standard violations. It should be possible to include links into the External Tool Output using an Output filter, but i couldn`t find out how to make that work. I think the problem is that i am working under Windows but running the tool on a server with linux, so the paths are somewhat different...

What i have tried is to filter the output and use the correct relative path as $FILE_PATH$, example:

Real path of the File: [project dir]\html\test\test.php
$FILE_PATH$: /html/test/test.php

That path is blue and underlined in the External Tool output window, but if i click on it nothing happens ... is there any way to make this work?

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Josh, We appreciate your kind words. I checked the code and it looks like this usage (partial path mapping) is not supported by current output filter implementation. Please file a feature request to http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/issues/WI

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Thanks for the answer, I've added the request.

For now i solved the Problem by some search&replace in the Output of the External Tool, Linking to files works perfektly But partial path mapping would be nice, no need for search & replace anymore then...


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