A couple of small quirks with 95.74

I upgraded to 95.74  from 95.57.

I lost most of my environmental settings with 95.74 installation -- colors, backgrounds, etc.  No problem, I can reset them, but this is the first time this has happened recently.

One thing I wanted to try was to import my previous settings, but I tried and received a small error saying it could not find "settings.jar" file.

Also, 95.74 did not pick up my project settings right away.  I had to restart it a couple of times and then it opened the project on the left, but did not the files themselves.  I did that manually.  Now that part seems to be fine.

Finally, when I went to the HELP, on the first help page this is the message in a big pink box: "! OMG Shit PhpStorm no"  ...Looks like something slipped through accidently.

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Thanks for report we'll look into problems listed.


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