Can't push files to the remote server?

PHPStorm v95.39: I have created a local project and created a remote SFTP host (that successfully connects).  I can upload and download files from the remote host window, but not from my local project view.  I used to be able to right-click on a local file and choose to upload or download it. Those options are no longer there.

I thought that I was missing something in the settings, so I went to Tools -> Deployment and I have these options: Configuration, Options, Automatic Upload, Browse Remote Host.  The following options are grayed out: Upload to remote host, download from remote host, and compare.

Has the option to push files to the remote server been removed?


We didn't change a bit in this module in last public builds. The grayed out meas that you have not selected a default server. Please check your settings.


Ok, I have set my remote server as the default so now the remote deployment options seem to be working.  Is this a per-project setting?  I don't want this server to be my default for all of my projects...  It seems to me like this should be done automatically when the server is created (to prevent confusion ).

Also, the remote server list and remote deployment settings seem to have been merged at some point during development.  There used to be two settings screens to set up remote deployment. Just FYI.


Yes, this was designed as per-project setting. Please file a feature request/usability report about setting it automatically to tracker.

Yes, settings dialog was redesigned. I wrote about that in corresponding build's release notes myself.


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