Where is the setter/getter implementation mentioned in EAP build 95.17 announcement?

So basicaly I have this simple class:

class classBlah {
    private $_blahBlah;
    private $_yadaYada;


I get nothing in the Generate.. submenu, except Implementing __set and __get methods, which I can paste myself as they are static. What I am missing?


To generate a getter or a setter for the field just move the cursor to it and press [Alt]+[Enter] which denotes a so-called intention. You will see "Add getter and setter" menu item which does the job. Currently there is no mass generation of getters and setters and you have to repeat the action for each of the private fields you want to get a getter or a setter for.


There is also a related feature request which you can find at http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1600.
You may vote for it and/or add yourself to the watch list.


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