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First of all - good work. I'm using PhpStorm for couple of days and I'm more or less satisfied - still founding some small things that should be improved, but its still less then "beta"! In some areas works definitely better than my previous editors (PHP Editor, PHPDesigner, PDT, Zend Studio). And its really fast comparing to my last one (Zend Studio - ZS).

Now one thing that could be improved (if someone could show me solution I would appreciate it):
1) I found a little bit confusing that graphic style is applied to the todo keyword and text too (eg. TODO, FIXME)
- this could be only question of personal habits, I'm just used to another syntax

2) comparing to ZS I'm missing one feature in Todo list
I could group current Todo tasks by modules or groups which I found useful. In ZS Todo list is like a table (with columns Description, Resource, Path, Line etc) which is sortable. Table appereance for Todo list I personally like better than your appereance of tree list.

In ZS I found sorting by Description really effective (e.g. just using FIXME 1, FIXME 2 gives you small priority list inside your todo list). Without sorting I found Todo list similar to a notes list. This could be partially solved by filters - but sorting is IMHO more dynamic and effective.

3) when I've opened Todo list and I change some settings, click Apply and after applying OK, my Todo list window is closed.

PhpStorm used in version WI-95.17

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Karel, thanks for kind words. We working constantly on both performance and features.
The application of todo style to whole matched line is a designated feature of our platform editor and is unlikely to change. You can modify the appearance though.
The proper place to request a feature (2) or report a bug (3) is an issue tracker Please file each new feature/bug report as separate issue.


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