Control "add field" and "add method" placement

Is there a way to control where fields/methods get added to a PHP class?
ie: clicking "add field" on an undefined object variable currently adds the variable to the very end of the class. Is it possible to place near the top?

Also if I type this method call:


hover over some_new_method and click the "add method" helper, is there a way for it to create something like this:

  * @param  $a
  * @param  $b
  * @param  $c
  * @param  $arg4
  * @return   

public function some_new_method($a,$b,$c,$arg4){

instead of just:

function some_new_method(){

Thanks heaps,

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This is not yet posible. You can file a feature request - each feature/option should be filed separately


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