Slow Deployment/Upload to FTP-Server - PHPStorm/WebStorm

So -Hello- to the community and the development team out there.

A view words about me:
I'm a PHP/Javascript/Flex - Developer from Germany. I'm searching for the right IDE for PHP development for a long time now.  I'm using Notepad++ on my Windows 7 / 64bit system because of  few reasons. When I saw the WebStorm presentation on nettuts I thought "OK, it looks awesome, let's have a try".

So, after that 'try', I already think the IDE is beautiful. It is what I'm searching for, the IDE of my dreams. I would buy it, but there are a few things to mention, that would be nice, if they could be implemented.

- By the way,  a dark color scheme would be nice, I like the ruby ones, but there is none predefinied in PHPStorm, so I have to fiddle around with the stuff from the ruby IDE. For me, it's a basic that has to be implemented in an IDE. When I look on a white background for about 10 hours a day, I get snowblind, really!
- Second is direct FTP support, possibly like a quick FTP-Access-Option in PHPStorm, so I don't ever have to start Notepad++ for that reason and switch the editor.

So here's my real Problem:

I very often work on single (one-man) projects. So I don't really need git for that. Normally I have an locally installed Server (XAMPP) and my project is located in my local apache root folder.
I deploy the stuff on an FTP . . so far so good.
So, I use frameworks very often, especially CakePHP, which consists of a few hundred files. When I deploy the project to the server it's as slow as hell. The deployment of the complete framework (only the framework with default app), it's slow like hell. The full deployment takes about 1,5 hours. I don't have the time to wait more than one hour. By the way, my max. possible Upload speed is about 44kB/s . Web IDE uploads the files with ~150 B/s .
I also use FileZilla for FTP-Uploads and it works as expected.

So why??? PHPStorm is really a dream of an IDE, because the implemented FTP, Zen Coding, Git, etc.. And it not seems to be so buggy like Zend. But I can't really use it, with that deployment time.

I'm thankful for every answer. I possibly did something wrong, I don't really know. The server is configured in active mode.

I'm writing this lines, because I really like the IDE and really want to buy it, when it's final, but I find no answer to my problem.

Thanks for reading

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english


Hi Tino

- The color theme problem: You can easily install a new color theme from rubymine and set it as default. You only have to do it i don't see the problem.

- Ftp upload problem: You can try to only upload the modified files and not all. Please check and for extra details.


Hi Drian

thanks for your answers

- Color theme: that's just usibility. Have you ever tried notepad++ ? I can change the themes there with only a few clicks an they are implemented when i install the editor. I don't have to search the Internet for the one that fits my needs. But, by the way, I can live with it.  

- FTP upload: I already know that it's possible to only upload the modified files. When I modify a few files and deploy them, it's ok. The speed doesn't matter that much because of usually small file sizes.
The problem is: When my project is ready to deploy, let's say at 6pm. Now I'm deploying it till 7:30pm . Why is that taking so long? An upload of the same project with my FTP-Client takes 5-10 minutes. Is that a general issue of the IDE?.


Please open bug report for slow upload at Be ready to provide additional info such as log files.


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