Slight coding issue...

I started using WebStorm a couple of days ago while looking for an IDE that was light on resources and was fast.  I love the program.  Though I am still using phpDesigner, I think WebStorm is definitely a good addition to any web developer's set of tools.

WebStorm easily picks up the CodeIgniter framework which is my framework of choice.  I do have one small issue.  Consider these 2 examples:

$entries = $this->test_model->get_all_entries;
echo $entries;


$TModel = new Test_model;
$entries =  $TModel->get_all_entries;
echo $entries;

In the first example, when I use $this->test_model-> and hit CTRL+Space, I get no suggestions whatsoever yet if I use $TModel-> and hit CTRL+Space, I get suggestions.  Yet both lines of code return the same result.  Why isnt WebStorm giving me suggestions on $this->test_model?

Also wanting to know the differences between PHPStorm and WebStorm?  Do both of them do the same thing? or is PHPStorm more php centric?




First about distros: WebStorm will NOT include PHP & SQL support - its actually there for only for couple of EAP builds while we working on our new build process. So if you do PHP - you'll need the PhpStorm. You can look at the diagram at to quickly imagine the scope of each tool.

Now about completion. Member completion relies on the ability of IDE to deduce correct type of the object on the left side of '->'. The CI dynamic style case is simply not supported yet. It will be at some point in the future, but now it requires PHPDOC type annotation to work. Just add /** @var Test_model */ right before test_model field declaration in class body. To check type inference invoke Ctrl-Q on any variable, method, property, etc. If any type was inferred the first line will list it.

IDE also understands for most other PHPDOC type-related annotations (i.e. @param, @return for functions and methods)

We'll work on improving annotation-less type inference for such a dynamic approach later as either part of general PHP support or as framework specific support, however the exact roadmap is not available.


Hi Alexey,

Thanks for the very clear reply.  I will certainly be keeping an eye developments with regards to PHPStorm and WebStorm as both do have potential.  Meanwhile, keep up the good work.


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