Better svn merge support ?


In our company we're all using Eclipse PDT + Subversion 1.6 with collabnet merge to code in PHP.
We are currently evaluating phpStorm, and it's really awesome !

However, svn integration, especially the merge, is not as powerful as in Eclipse, and we still need to use Eclipse to do the merge.
Here is what seems to be missing in phpStorm :

- Proper support of svn:mergeinfo property. It seems phpStorm completly ignores this property, hence when merging trunk to another branch, phpStorm takes age, and the result is often totally wrong
- Choose easily which revision we want to merge : often, we just want to merge one specific commit revision, and collabnet merge displays a menu which allows to choose the revision
- Blocking of some specific revision : sometimes it's useful to mark a commit revision as "merged" manually

Is there any plan to implement a collabnet like merge in phpStorm ? Until this is done, we'll have to keep using Eclipse for the merge tasks, which is quite frustrating

Thanks a lot,

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Of course, here is the ticket from our platform

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Hi !

Thanks for the answer, it's great to know it's planned.
Any idea when this enhancement will be available ? (I see the task is now 10 months old).

Thanks !

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JetBrains platform is driven by major IntellJ IDEA releases. It is now at bugfixing stage (preparing version 9.0.2) This means "feature freeze", so  I wouldn't expect this feature until 9.X or 10 EAP is started.


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