JS/CSS compressor

Thank you for a great IDE, loved it very much.
A little feature request:
1. It would be nice to have a builtin JavaScript and CSS compressor.
2. Is there a shortcut to "Uncomment" commented code? I couldn't find it, and feel quite uncomfortable (after Eclipse).
3. Also I was unabe to change/create any shortcuts in File | Settings | Keymap (on both Linux & Windows versions).
Is it a bug? Or i just shoud make it in the other menu?


1) Creating JS/CSS compressor is out of scope for JetBrains, however we might work on easy integration of some wide-spread solutions available. Please post requests to issue tracker http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI#newissue=yes
2)There's very useful "Find action" command in Search menu - try typing "comment" there. The comment actions are "toggle" they will comment/uncomment based on content at editor caret position. Also, All actions and menus searchable through Settings|Keymap.
3) you can't directly change the built-in keymaps - use "copy" button near keymap name to make new copy of some built-in keymap and then edit/add shortcuts.


Thank you very much for the answer.

1) I guess it could be made easily as a some sort of a "refactoring" script/rule. But integration with some service online would be nice enough too.

The last two clauses wasn't really obvious for me.
2)I used the "Find action", but I really tryed to see smth. like "Toggle Comment" or "Uncomment"
Maybe it would be better to add the word "Toggle" before in the corresponding menu items - just to make it clear and not to led astray users?
3)The same thing is with the keymaps. The buttons to change the key bindings are just greyed without any notice - "How to cahge/make new keybindings"


Thanks for your input we'll try to improve the usability.


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