Yaml support

Is there a yaml plugin available for web ide php edition


How about php in yaml
Symfony framework uses php inside yaml to inject dynamic data


IDEA platform supports notion of "language injection" – so you can mix most of supported languages in any way - i.e. inject HTML or CSS inside of PHP string literal, etc. Thus it's definitely possible. However this requires some level of from host language (in this case YAML). I created separate ticket to track progress of this issue http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue/WI-242   It will be great if you add point to some nice examples and description of your expectations.


I have added an example on the tracker
Its not html inside php string literals, but php inside an html file. When you use <?php ?> inside an html file.
So i'm expecting i should be able to use <?php ?> inside yaml files as well.


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