Virtual Tabs

I have seen virtual spaces, e.g. allowing to set the cursor within a tab or behind the last character of the line.

How about virtual tabs?
Imagine you are working on a project using 2 spaces for indentation. Now if you would define a virtual tab (with a configurable size of e.g. 4 or 8 spaces) to replace each two spaces at the beginning of each line, your code would just look and feel like the project would be using tabs.

Is there any such feature or is there a reason why this might not be practical anyhow?
I am going to work a lot on a project with 2 spaces instead of tabs but am used to using tabs of the size of 4 spaces, so I am looking for some ideas.

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Hi there,

ATM IDE has no such functionality.

The most closest ticket I managed to find is

If this is not what you want -- feel free to submit your own Feature Request ticket.


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