Terminal Line Buffer increase

Hello I am new to the community, I am still working on setting up PHPStorm.  My current catch is the line buffer in the Terminal Plugin.  The line buffer holds about 100 ish lines.  Is there any way to increaese this line buffer?  I have been unable to find a setting for it.  Thanks for any directions.

I am on a Mac


Please try increasing


value: Help/Find action, type 'registry', search the registry for the key above.
Note: this registry key is not available in PHPStorm 8, you need using PHPStorm 9 EAP

How would this work for Mac?  I don't think it has a registry.


Just follow the instructions given -- it's IDE's internal registry (hidden settings, if you wish) and not your OS.


@Garrett you can open registry with ctrl+shift+A (Actions) -> type 'registry'


Cmd+shift+A   Then type 'registry'

It was the first entry

Thanks for the answers.



Worked for WebStorm as well. 

For MAC users, as Garrett mentioned:

1. Cmd+shift+A
2. Type 'registry' in the search box
3. Click 'Registry...' to view registry details
4. Scroll down to 'terminal.buffer.max.lines.count' (or it may be near the top if it has been updated previously)
5. Click on the value in the Value column, enter new value (eg. '5000')
6. Click 'Close'

I had to restart WebStorm before the change worked.

Thanks for everyone's answers. 


perhaps something this important should be discoverable from the settings dialog. default is 1000 lines which is not enough for most developers


FYI, when you're viewing the registry you can simply type "terminal.bu" to jump to that specific entry


The setting name 'registry' MUST be changed.

The name smells and recalls and reminds me to painful 'WINDOWS REGISTRY' memories!

See Garrett Tershel 's confusion!! (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206381169/comments/207487949).


We all have critical trauma from MS still..


This registry setting seems to have been removed at some point and is not available in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 (Ultimate Edition), which is unfortunate as stated above, 1000 lines is not enough. Please add this back in!


This setting was moved in UI starting 2021.2, you can find it at Settings | Advanced Settings: Terminal > Terminal scrollback buffer size


When I increased the buffer size in Settings > Advanced Settings > Terminal scrollback buffer size as mentioned above, I had to close and re-open IntelliJ for the new setting to take effect.


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