Does step work?

I downloaded an eval version to....eval.....the step function (f8) does not step line for line of js code (one statement per line).  Rather it runs to the next breakpoint.

Does webstorm step line by line?

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Step Over (F8) normally steps to next statement. Can you provide an example where this doesn't work for you?
See also -  may be related

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* Created by pdlouis on 4/17/2015.

var x = 1;

console.log("hello world");
console.log("its a sunny day!");
console.log("var = " + x.toString());

It will not stop on line 1, so I break at line 2 (breakpoint).

Then I step and it runs to the last line (breakpoint).

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I see, thanks for details!
Please follow for updates


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