ClojureScript support for WebStorm

Dear WebStorm Community,

I recently started using WebStorm and am impressed with its core functionality as well as the functionality provided by plug-ins.

I was surprised however to find no plug-in support for ClojureScript. I did find this feature request for it opened 3 weeks ago (which I upvoted), but there's no sign there yet of interest among the WebStorm developers or community. I also found no threads in this forum matching "clojurescript", so I'm starting one.

If any WebStorm developers read this, could you please comment on the possibility for adding ClojureScript support to WebStorm? Any WebStorm users who would be interested in this, I guess upvoting would be the best way to show your interest.

Thanks for reading :)


I can only say that adding ClojureScript support is not in our nearest plans. We normally take the customer's feedback and votes into account when planning new features. We can't afford spending time and resources for the feature that is not popular enough (and the efforts required for adding a new language support are significant); and, as you have mentioned, there is no much demand for it


Thank you for your reply, Elena. I was happy to see that since I last checked, the number of upvotes on has already increased from 3 to 9. How many votes would you say it needs before JetBrains considers it popular enough to plan official support for?

As for the comment that "the efforts required for adding a new language support are significant", I wonder if the efforts required in this case are much lower than a totally new language, since ClojureScript is so similar to Clojure, which there's already support for in IntelliJ.

Thanks so much for your consideration.


IDK about you, but for my money, Intellij + Cursive provides quite a lot of bang for buck.


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