Can you please explain how to get Live Edit to work?

MacOS 10.8.5

WebStorm 7.0.3
Build #WS-133.434

Version 33.0.1750.152

Installed JetBrains IDE Support Chrome extension v. 2.0.

When I hover over the extension's icon in the Chrome toolbar the tooltip pop-up reports, "Connected to WebStorm 7.0.3".

The Quickstart says:

View Your Changes Instantly

You can open an HTML, JavaScript, or CSS file in the browser and monitor how the changes you make to it in the editor are rendered without refreshing the page and even without leaving WebStorm. By the way, completion look-up is also live. As you browse through the suggestion list, the page in the browser changes its appearance just as if you have already accepted the current suggestion.

Currently this functionality is supported for Google Chrome, so to open a file, choose View | Web preview on the main menu and then select Google Chrome from the pop-up menu.

With the file opened in the browser, choose View | Live Edit on the main menu. That is all — now all the changes you make are immediately reflected in the browser and the affected area is highlighted.

This is not working for me as described.

I created an HTML file. Viewed it in Chrome to verify it's a valid file with no errors.

Opened it in WS.

In WS selected View > Live Edit (checked -- enabled)

In WS selected View > Open in Browser.

Updating the .html file in WS has no effect. Changes are not appearing in the browser.

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