unused property warning

I've some problem on code inspection:
consider this piece of code:

var mobj = {
            pcontext: undefined,
            pattSearchGridSize: /grid_(\d+)/g,
            pattSearchPrefixSize: /prefix_(\d+)/g,
            findTags: function (tag) {
                return $(this.pcontext).find(tag);
            open: function () {
                $(this.findTags('.cgrid')).each(function (index, node) {
                    $(node).each(function (/*index, data*/) {
                        $(this).wrapAll('<div ></div>').parent().append('<div ></div>');
                            '<div >');
                        $(this).attr('class', '');
                return true;

The inspection on findTags tell me "unused property". Instead, after a few lines, on open function it is used. Why I have this problem?
I already read on thore threads that it is possible to disable this kind of inspection (gloibally).I wouldn't do it because it is useful.
It is possible to inform the inspector that a function is used(i.e. adopting a specific jsdoc tag)?
Thank you,

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Can't recreate in WebStorm 7.0.3. - findTags() usages are correctly found in your code fragment
Can you check if the problem persists after invalidating caches (File/Invalidate caches, restart)? If yes, try copying this fragment to a new file in a new project - will the same error be reported?

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The problem seems no longer present.


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