Hebrew when creating files/projects

Hello everyone, Until now i was using windows 7 (Hebrew), Today i installed windows 7 (English).
When i am trying via phpstorm to create new file/project/search options/etc... when i type in english its ok but when i am typing in hebrew i getCapture.PNGthis rectangles instead, I didnt have this problem in win7(heb), I can type in hebrew inside the files and anywhere else browsers/text files also my region and language settings on control panel are identical bot on win7(heb)/win7(en), File Encodngs settings(phpstorm) are the same for win7(heb)/win7(en), If someone have an idea for solving this problem i will be very thankful, Thank you all and have a nice day.


Hi there,

I do not know much about it (as it works fine for my language) .. but see if changing the font in "Settings | Appearance | Override default fonts" will do anything here (quite likely that the current font used does not contains Hebrew characters)


Thank you so much it is working, Can you please explain a bit about how it solved the problem.


Well .. it looks like the font used by the GUI Theme is not fully unicode (does not have all characters defined). By doing the above you override the default font by your own, which you know for sure that it contains the characters for that language.


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