Copying Orphaned Files with Compare Directory

Is there a way to copy a file from left to right or right to left when comparing directories in phpstorm?  If a file only exists on one side or the other, the compare directories functionality shows the orphaned files; however, I can't find a way to copy from one side to the other without having to open finder/explorer and manually copying from left to right.


Any help or information is greatly appreciated.



Arrows are basically actions. You may change them by double-clicking (copy to right / copy to left / delete file) and then run action in selected row by button with single green arrow in toolbar, or run all actions by button with two arrows in toolbar.


@Tri you can leave only != files by checking/unchecking filters.. Also use SPACE button to change direction of copy


If I click on the green or blue arrow in the screen shot that I posted, nothing happens.

The file exists either on the left or right (not a line of code, but an actual file in the directory).  I want to copy from the side where the file exists to the side where the file doesn't exist.  Double clicking on the arrows doesn't do anything for me in either the windows or osx versions of PHPStorm.


I went to the help topics and the screen shot in the help shows the arrows; however, my diff viewer doesn't have the arrows, how do I add them?


Again, thanks for all the help!


Ooops, sorry. Looks like my advice was based on currently-in-process version, not yet available to customers. Currently there is no way to copy.


And so is in PhpStorm/WebStorm 3.0 EAP - or will be in todays new EAP build.


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