PhpStorm without internet connection

Today I've had a problem.
Our office was suddenly disconnected from internet.
This time my PhpStorm hung.
I terminated it from task manager and tried to start it again but it didn't start (tried 2-3 times for about 5-10 minutes). It didn't and I left it on welcome screen (the little one that appears before loading IDE).
It started properly itself right after internet connection was renewed.
When I terminated it, I had the message (I'm using MacOS), it's attached here.
Please answer me what happened and does PhpStorm really need internet connection to work properly?)

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No, it does not, and we regulary use it with no internet connection on our laptops - and never experienced such a situation.

Please ensure that all PS files and project files reside on your local drive.

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Well, some of the files were on remote disk (not sure if it was unavailable that time too, will wait for new disconnect)) ), but still I could not even change a project ot the one that is totally local. The IDE wasn't responding.
Thanks for your answer, glad it doesn't connect somewhere else (I just installed version 2.1.1 and thought there could be some new feature that is on by default and needs connection).


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