Intellij Idea randomly stops working


I have already posted on stackoverlow and again, a little different on stackoverflow, but no luck.

Intellij Idea randomly stops working and therby blocks  some things in my system. The system itself remains responsive, but I cannot start any programs through gnome3 (my wm) anymore.

I can switch to the console (I am on ubuntu 15.04) and from there do a

    killall -9 java

Then idea is killed, and all the program I tried to start immidatly pop up.

Now, while the system is "frozen" (in the sense I described above), I noticed that one of my cpu-cores has 100% usage. But looking into htop, no process uses any significant cpu power. The 100% cpu-usage drops, when I kill java.

I am using intellij idea for haXe, so it might be related to the intellij-haxe plugin, but I do not know.

My system:

Ubuntu 15.04 running gnome3.
java version "1.7.0_80"
Intellij Idea 14.1.4

Any other ideas of what I could try?



I ran "jstack -F " to cat a stacktrace. Interestingly, running this comments causes the block to be resolved. This is the output of jstack:

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Try running under Oracle JDK 1.8, see .

You can also modify to run java process via strace and see strace log in case it has something useful at the moment when it stops responding.


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