When will it be a fast as eclipse? :)


First off, IntelliJ is great. I really love the GUI, the GIT integration is good enough, Auto complete works great, the hotkeys work great, etc etc :D

But I cannot use it, because the background compiler / Hot Swap feature is so slow :( If you compare it directly to eclipses it's really sad. In eclipse you debug, change something, press save, and immediately you see that change. In IntelliJ you have to look for that feature, click the button, wait 2+ seconds (for a whole make?) and then you see the change.

Same with the background compiler. You enable that option, and disable the "make" in the project settings. Problem here is, ( I think ) IntelliJ does not wait for the background compiler process to finish. So you save, hit Run/Debug and if you're lucky it's a current version of the project you're running. Usually it's not because the background compiler wasn't finished and you're running an "older" version of your project.

If you leave the "make" in you're wasting 3+ seconds every Run/Debug :(

So will this get "fixed" some time? It's really the *only* reason I stick with eclipse nowadays, the compile/run speed.

Thanks :D

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Ok looks like the "wait for background process"-bug was fixed in 13.0.2.

That is already a huge improvement.
Speed isn't quite as fast as eclipse but the difference is probably < 1 second now

Now if only hot swap wouldn't do a full "make"

It's better, but not perfect yet


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