IntelliJ UI - Logcat, Variables and Threads

Hi All,

Does anyone know how can I move Logcat (3) window to be to right of Variables (2) window and to permanently hide Threads (1) window? For some reason Threads (1) windows automatically pops up on any application start which is very annoying when I don't use it. Also Logcat (3) can be placed only as separate tab or below other windows.

I could do it by setting Android group as Split View but it will not be always shown with Debug group. And I don't want to Pin them.

Also I'm wandering how can I hide Logcat filters?

Expected result:
Debug group - docked, not pinned
Threads (1) window - permanently hidden
Variables (2) window - to the left, inside debug group
Logcat (3) window - to the right, inside debug group



Use popup menu on headers:
1) Check if Threads marked as "Focus On Startup", unmark it.
2) Use "hide"action to iconify Threads

Try drag & drop to setup layout (I'm not sure about your version, but it should be available in 13 EAP, see



I can drag'n'drop those windows. Sadly, logcat just won't go to the right side.
Also Threads windows doesn't have any "Focus on *" checked.

I'm currently using 12.1.4.


With drag-n-drop I've got following
layout in 12.1.4:
Is it desired picture?


Yes, this is what I want. Dut how did you achieved it?

I can drag'n'drop logcat there. It just won't go...


Yes, I see. It's very strange and looks like bug, drag-n-drop doesn't work.
Try 13 EAP! ;)


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