IntelliJ IDEA 10 + Git shows no file structure


i'm a first time IntelliJ and Git user so excuse me if I ask a stupid question :)

- cloned a git project from a remote server to my local machine
- created a project with sources pointing to the downloaded repo
now the problem is i cannot see my file structure, i can only see some files in .idea directory that are changing constantly but none of the *.php project files

can anyone point me to the magic button that shows my files :)


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Where do you see only .idea files? Did you mean Project View (but .idea files shouldn't be shown here) or Changes View?

common procedure for project creation is described here

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I kinda found out the problem.

while creating a project, the wizzard asks you where to store the src folder... i selected the src folder to be the folder containing the project files and not the /src folder set by default

hope it helps :)


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