Project Language Level, @Override and Maven

Is someone else having the problem, that in multi-module Maven projects in IDEA, the setting "Project Language Level: 6.0 - @Override in interfaces" does not really work? It is still rendering all the implementing functions having a @Override annotation red, saying: "@Override is not allowed whne implementing interface method". The method in particular is implementing V call() throws java.lang.Exception in Callable<V>.


No one on our team is having that issue with our large multi-module maven project. We even have some use of the Callable interface. In your POM, is the compiler plug-in explicitly setting the source and target to 1.6? Not sure if that will make a difference. (We are setting ours.)

You can also try invalidating your caches (FIle > Invalidate Caches) and restarting. Sometimes those false error highlighting issues are resolved by doing such.


The compile plugin was not set to 1.6 but to 1.5. I changed that and I also had to re-create the whole IntelliJ project but now it works :) Thanks Mark!


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