Very weird behaviour: IDEA 6.0.1 and Fedora Core 6

Weird problems here.

Using Gnome and Metacity (window manager) with Sun's JDK 1.5.0_09, every now and again, the main window disappears.

It has happened to me several times today, a few times when trying to compile a class (Shift-Ctl-F9) and a few times when bringing up the settings dialog. The dialog (in both cases) comes up, and less than a second later, the main window disappears. So once the dialog completes (in the first case) or when I click on close (in the second case), there is no GUI for IntelliJ anymore.

The crucial thing is, this doesn't CRASH the app - the java process still runs (I have to kill it with a kill -9) - just that there is no GUI. Not on the screen, not when I alt-tab, not on the window switcher panel.

Very strange, seriously impairing my work today. :)

Anyone else seeing this?


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I had the same thing, i got around it by turning off "Desktop Effects". You lose windows wobble on move and Desktop as a cube.


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