Can CLion help me with my special needs?


I am thinking about buying a personal "All Products License", because I could use IDEA, Phpstorm and CLion at work and at home. But I am quite unsure about CLions capabilities when it comes to cross-compiling. Currently I am developing my projects with Eclipse CDT and a cross-compiler for the Raspberry Pi (B, B+ and 2). I managed to get some libraries working for the compiler like SQLite, WiringPi and a few more.

But Eclipse is not just compiling, it also copies the compiled program to the RPi, changes permissions via chmod and chown (via command line) and can debug. Can I expect the same from CLion? If so, can I use my already set up cross-compiler?

Another thing CLion might come in handy is with my windows projects I am currently developing with Visual Studio. I am in a small group where everyone uses VS but I cannot get comfortable with it. If I want to use CLion, it must support the Visual C Compiler. It also should be no problem, if I use CLion and the rest VS. Is CLion capable of that?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Sven.

CLion doesn't support cross-compilation and Visual C Compiler yet. We have such feature requests in the tracker:

Feel free to comment or upvote.

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:( That's a shame. And the feature requests are not very promising. Thank you for your help.


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