configuring Pycharm - python 3.5.1 of anacounda


After the installation of Pycharm 5.0.3 and the Anacounda3, i created a new project in Pycharm. In the project interpreter i choosed python 3.5.1 of anacounda3. All the packages are loaded but some predefine's functions doesn't load when i typed them, for example : print(), input(). 

How can you help me to solve that please ?

Thank you

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Could you please do the following:
1. remove selected interpreter from PyCharm->Settings->Python Interpreters->"-" (it will not remove it from disk)
2. type "import sys" in some file
3. navigate to source on "sys" to see where Pycharm stores "skeletons"
4. completely remove skeletons dir (it's name contains only numbers and located under "python_stubs" dir)
5. re-add python interpreter to PyCharm.

Does it help?

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