PyCharm and Raspberry Pi 2 pre-newbie questions

I just discovered PyCharm and I have some questions.   I have not bought or downloaded it yet.

I do not understand the development process using PyCharm and RPI2.  Can PyCharm run on the RPI?  Or does it have to run on your PC and there remote debug on the RPI?  Or both????

When we talk about debugging, do we mean stepping, breakpoints, etc?



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We recommend running PyCharm on the desktop machine or laptop and using Remote interpreter and Deployment features to automatically run and debug code on Raspberry Pi.

Usually for remote projects you create local copy of it by copying files from your remote machine, set up remote interpreter for the project and configure deployment Then you are be able to write your code, deploy it to the remote host and run the scripts via remote interpreter.

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Both ways are possible, although it's easier to set up a remote RPI2 interpreter for your local PyCharm. For running PyCharm on RPI2 see PY-15174.

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Which versiom of PyCharm does support remote Interpreter. I am retired so the PyCharm license I plan to purchase is for not commercial purposes.


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