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I have used the R4IntelliJ plugin to edit R code in intellij and it works very well...but there are 3 technical detail that makes writing code cumbersome.

1. Failure to auto replace, say, { with {} -- that is automatically generate the corresponding bracket, brace, etc. 

2. Failure to automatically move the curser inside a { if the curser is currently located between a closed bracket and a curly brace, i.e.: 

)CURSER{          === Goal ===>         ) {CURSER}

3. if, say, this is true: {CURSERpressing enter should be accompanied by a tab occurring automatically, i.e.,

if (1==1){

     print('hello world')


and not just:

if (1==1){

print('hello world')




I recognize some rewriting of R4IntelliJ is likely needed for some of these -- but is is possible to do any of these three just from the IntelliJ  settings?


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This behavior is controlled by the plug-in. You should contact R4IntelliJ maintainer for help.


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